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Bicycling and Mountainbiking

s-biken01The Ötz Valley Trail starts at the Ötz Valley Main Train Station at an altitude of approx. 700 meters above sea-level, and ends in the eternal ice at the foot of the Gurgler Ferner Glacier at 2,400 meters above sea-level.
Only committed and physically fit cyclists will be able to make the entire tour without stopping. Casual cyclists will probably prefer undertaking only individual portions of the route with the most-beautiful scenery, or will divide their tour up into separate segments spread out over several days.s-biken02

There are more than 20 routes branching off of the main trail will take you back into the Ötz Valley. What better way to enjoy an unspoiled natural landscape and fresh air on a bike?
Not everyone who wants to explore this vacation paradise in this fashion has to have his own super-bike. There are a number of ways to borrow or rent a good bike.

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